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 Francis George Solicitor-Advocate – The busiest start to the year to date

Francis George Solicitor-Advocate has experienced the highest volume of divorce enquiries in January to date.

Monday, January 8, which is colloquially known as D Day or Divorce Day, has been especially busy for divorce lawyers in 2018. General internet searches for divorce doubled at the start of January as people sought to end their relationships following the festive period.

In the first week of January, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate has been inundated with family work. The company worked on as many as four emergency applications to force removal or to take custody of children or finances and has had a further three court cases in the first week.

Francis George, senior partner at Francis George Solicitor-Advocate stated that: “January is always our busiest time of year. Our stats show a significant increase in the number of enquiries and number of people who want to end their relationship following the festive period.”

The increased divorce interest occurs as The Telegraph also announced that the rate of divorce in both Wales and England have gone up for the first time this decade. This is based on data from the Office for National Statistics.*

With Francis George Solicitor-Advocate the Family Panel will guarantee that you are getting the expertise you need to advise in complex matrimonial cases. The panel is formed from accredited and experienced experts. In addition, the Resolution accreditation scheme of which they are members set the firm apart with benchmarks for providing quality advice on Family Law. For more than 10 years Francis has been a Family Panel member.

Francis George Solicitor-Advocate deals with all elements of Family Law from the opening consultations to contesting matters in the Courts where required. They always seek to mediate and to resolve any cases with minimal cost to the client and the maximum benefit.

Francis has been placed on the shortlist for the sought-after Family Solicitor of the Year UK in 2018 award. The company has also been added to the shortlist for Advocacy Solicitor of the Year UK in 2018.

Francis George also won Best Divorce Law Firm in 2017 in the internationally recognised Dispute Resolution Awards. Francis said: “Being recognised by a company such as Finance Monthly rounds off what has been a spectacular 2017 for us, after celebrating 10 years in business.”

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Swindon solicitors celebrate milestone in Old Town’s regeneration

Francis George Solicitor Advocate in Swindon are celebrating the successful preparation and negotiation of the £35m project that will revitalise one of the town’s most historic areas.

After years of careful negotiation with Swindon Borough Council, establishing an agreement to renovate the former Locarno ballroom in Old Town, the project is now entering the transformative phase.

Steve Rosier, the Project’s Director, said: “It’s been seven years since Francis George started on this project. They’ve worked on the framework and demonstrated how landowners and local authorities can work together to apply transformative change.”

“The next steps,” said Mr Rosier, “are to finalise the joint venture agreement with the land owner and make an agreement with the builders.”

In 2020 the Grade II listed building, which is to become known as The Exchange, will reopen its doors as a hub for shops, restaurants, bars, bistros, a boutique cinema and niche shops.

And Mr Rosier believes that if Francis George Solicitor Advocate had not gone out of their way to keep costs down, then the contracts may not have been completed at all.

Maintaining competitive pricing has always been important at Francis George Solicitor Advocate, and The Exchange negotiations, all in accordance with the planning brief, demonstrate the bespoke service applied across all their property conveyancing and commercial matters.

Estimates by Francis George Solicitor Advocate point to significant commercial and residential growth in light of the development; 30% increases may well be observed in valuations.

The vision, shared publicly on, is to make a significant difference to not only the iconic building, but also the surrounding High Street, Wood Street and Market Square. The area is to become friendlier for people to live, work and enjoy, with entertainment and sustainable street markets also to be encouraged.

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Francis George Solicitor-Advocate’s £1,000 donation takes total to £3,000 for Prospect Hospice

Francis George Solicitor-Advocate raised £1,000 for Prospect Hospice in September. The donation takes its total to £3,000 for the hospice over the last three years.

The leading Swindon law firm raised the funds by donating the fees from every joint and mirror will it prepared throughout the calendar month. The firm has been running this initiative every year since 2014 and plans to continue the campaign.

A mirror will allows couples such a husband and wife and people in civil partnerships with similar wishes to make near-identical wills. These enable them to appoint people they both trust to act as their executors when they die.

Francis George Solicitor Advocate charges £200.00 + VAT to prepare a mirror or joint will. In September, clients were able to pay this fee direct to Prospect Hospice or to the law firm for full onward donation.Francis George, the firm’s founder, said: “We’re delighted to support the invaluable facility Prospect Hospice provides to the people of Swindon and the surrounding area. We’d also take the opportunity to remind people of the importance of properly prepared will. This is critical as any grey areas in a person’s will could affect who inherits either all or part of their estate. If the small print is not crystal clear, the courts could interpret your will contrary to your wishes. In a recent example of this, the family of a physicist lost out on £750,000 due to ambiguous wording in the deceased’s will.”*


A Higher Rights Advocacy, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate gives clients the equivalent service to that of a barrister. Advising from the start of a case to the finish, the firm’s team works with a range of bodies, from the Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court.


Prospect Hospice supports a community of 300,000 people in Swindon, Marlborough and north Wiltshire and the villages of Lechlade and Fairford in Gloucestershire. In 2014-15, it cared for and supported almost 6,400 people, as patients, carers and family members through a range of services developed to bring care, comfort and confidence at life’s most difficult time.


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Francis George Solicitor-Advocate raise almost £1,000 Barnardo’s

Francis George Solicitor-Advocate raise almost £1,000 Barnardo’s. The firm, which is one of Swindon’s leading, is looking to achieve £2,000 for the charity.

Emma George, head of finance at Francis George Solicitor-Advocate, will run the London Marathon on Sunday 24 April this year in a bid to raise funds for the vulnerable children and young people’s charity.

To support her fundraising, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate has had a series of events. They hosted a sold-out quiz night at Pig on the Hill pub in Swindon and a coffee morning at their Old Town office.

Having run the Brighton Marathon in 2014 and the London Marathon in 2015, raising funds for leukaemia and lymphoma research charities respectively, Emma knows what she’s let herself in for. She’s aiming to complete this year’s 26.2 mile run in around four hours.

Explaining her choice of charity for this year’s marathon, Emma said: “I worked with vulnerable children and young people, both in care and leaving care, in my twenties and saw the amazing contribution Barnardo’s made to so many of their lives. It’s a charity I understand well and respect hugely, so it’s a real pleasure to support its work.”

Emma, a geography graduate from Hull University, qualified as a CIMA Accountant in 2001. She has provided financial, business and IT support to Francis George Solicitor-Advocate since the firm opened.

Barnardo’s transforms the lives of the most vulnerable children across the UK through a range of services, campaigns and research studies.

It believes it can bring out the very best in every child whether they’ve experienced child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability or domestic violence.

A Higher Rights Advocacy, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate gives clients the equivalent service to that of a barrister. Advising from the start of a case to the finish, the firm’s team works with a range of bodies, from the Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court.

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