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First Reported Case

Fantastic news!! Thrilling news!!! We have got our first reported case!!! Read it here, – it makes an extremely fascinating read.

This case deals with the hazards of over inflated costs being claimed. If over inflated costs are claimed and are reduced on a detailed assessment, then subject to the level of the reduction, the recipient may discover that they are on the receiving end of a reduced costs Order, or even an adverse costs Order. More and more, the Jackson reforms are biting and the days of excessive costs claimed, which are not proportional to the issues at hand, are at last coming to an end.

We are very pleased with the result of this case by getting a 30% decrease in the amount of costs our client was ordered to pay as a result of the main suit costs being excessive and unreasonable.

We are very happy that it has been reported to allow it to assist people in their fight against disproportionate and excessive costs. Francis George, Solicitor-Advocate, Managing Director of francis george solicitor-advocate said the following:

“I am so pleased that we have at last managed to clarify the position in law in relation to over inflated and excessive costs. Further clarification is most likely to be given in good time from the Court of Appeal and I look forward to that if that is the case.”

Stay tuned for more on this story to follow as this week we are going to be reported again in the High Court but in a different matter – we cannot wait to also share that with you.